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Curtis, world leaders in the innovation and design of high quality Polocrosse Racquets, have now made it easier for you to access their products.

Browse and shop online for your Polocrosse racquets (laminated, full cane, split cane, plastic and graphite heads), Polocrosse Balls and other products.

The Curtis name has been synonymous with quality since Eddie Curtis produced his first polocrosse racquet over 50 years ago.

As the game has changed over the years, Curtis has remained at the forefront with innovations such as the first cane (or wicker) racquet and the first adjustable net. Both these inventions have had a profound influence on the game and have done perhaps more to advance the game, to the current level, than any other single event.

Browse through this website to learn more about Curtis Polocrosse Racquets and order online, no matter where you are, with our easy Online Shop.

Curtis Polocrosse Racquets export their products all over the world.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss your specific requirements,
just simply place your order online....

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